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Wes Montgomery Tribute

The need and reason for Jack to assemble this ensemble together would not surprise you.

As Jack and so many others in the Jazz world have been influenced by the great Wes Montgomery this is Jack's way of saying 'thank you', a way of' reaching people' who may not know of or have heard of Wes (God forbid) and quite simply a chance to play some of the amazing repertoire/arrangements that Wes left us with.

This ensemble is simply the JPG -Jack Pantazis Group with horns. By adding the 4 horns Jack is able to bring to the audience a 'touch' of that big band sound that Wes was being recorded with late in his career.

The gig also offers Jack the chance to play classic Wes tunes like '4 on 6', 'West Coast Blues' and a few of the classic jazz standards that Wes recorded. 

The ensemble has:

Jack -gtr

Patrick Schmidli -bass

Gianni Turcio - piano

Gerry Pantazis - drm

Phil Binotto -perc

Lachlan Davidson - also sax/flute

Roger Schmidli -tmb

Greg Clarkeson - ten sax/flute/clarinet

Tom Jovanovic - trp/flugel


Click here to watch a YouTube track from one of the gigs

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