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Synchronicity is an outfit that began around 2016. It's beginnings/creation were the result from a need to provide great 70's/80's/90's jazz/rock-fusion music for a '40th birthday party'!!! From it's humble start this group of musicians very quickly knew that this was an amazing opportunity to 'go back' and revisit the music and to start playing gigs. 4-5 years on the band is now in the process of producing/releasing an album of entirely 'original' music in 'the style of that era. Stay tuned...album due in 2022...

The group consists of:

Jack Pantazis- gtr

Lachlan Davidson-sax

Gianni Turcio-keys/piano

Patrick Schmidli-bass

Darryn Farrugia-drm  of

The videos on the right are excerpts from a Synchronicity gig that occured on 10th February 2022 at The Paris Cat Jazz club..and in fact it was the debut gig for our new bass player, Patrick Schmidli.

The tracks are from 2 tunes..Chick Corea's 'Senor Mouse' and from the solo section of 'Shuffling Around'..

Here's a taste of what's to come....please listen to Evripides Evripidou's piece 'Shuffling Around' new debut recording due in 2024. Enjoy!

Shulffing Around MIX 2Synchronicity
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