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Jack has over 30 yrs of teaching experience and has always taught students both privately and at music institutes..has given workshops...been involved in music examination/syllybi development with both ANZCA and VCE Guitar.

In private one-on-one lessons Jack can assist students in the following areas:

Guitar Lessons:

  • scales, arpeggios, harmony (chords) with a leaning towards Jazz/Latin/Fusion styles

  • fingerboard knowledge/ better understand your fingerboard

  • developing your reading skills to assist you in reading lead sheets, gtr parts (i.e. big band, jazz ensemble, orchestral, music theatre etc)

  •  improvisation concepts /techniques

  •  stylistic undrstanding and ' musical language' development in jazz/latin/fusion/classical

  • technique development and maintenance

​Theory/Aural Lessons:

  • understanding your cycle of 5ths/key signatures

  • intervals and their application to the instrument

  • harmony...triads, 7th chords and extended/altered harmony..

  • chord progressions


Improvisation Techniques/Concepts:

  • Modal

  • Target Tones

  • Tension/Release

  • Improv' vs Composition (i.e real-time composition)

  • Thematic development

  • Superimposition i.e. melodically & harmonically

If you would like to enquire about lessons, details, pricing, times, dates  etc or just ask questions regarding lessons please feel free to contact Jack via the contact page.

And yes...I do take on beginners too.

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