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Jack Pantazis
- Guitarist - Composer - Educator


Welcome and thank you for visiting my very first website. I'm so thrilled to be able to share a few things with you. 

So many people have approached me over the years in regards to what music groups I play in, when am I playing next, where? etc. and also on the matter of guitar/music lessons so this new and still developing site will hopefully address all these areas and more. So I'm really looking forward to getting messages, questions from you all too. I'll be more than happy to assist you where ever I can.


Have look around in here , take what you like from the free PDF's of which I will have guitar ensemble arrangements, solo guitar arrangements, lessons, studies etc...some of my originals are also available for purchase..and feel free to listen to my albums and watch some gig footage.

This site is also an opportunity for me to show you the 3 groups that I maintain as my personal 'loves' and challenges..these are, JPG-The Jack Pantazis Group, The Wes Montgomery Tribute Band and Synchronicity.

Once again, thanks for dropping by and send me a message if you like too, check out the calendar to see when/where I'll be playing next too.

God bless and continued success, fun, happiness and peace in all you do.

Yours kindly,

Jack Pantazis

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